The #1 Secret to Real Estate Investing

Whether I’m working on a wholesale, fix-and-flip, a rental property, development project or other form of real estate investing, there is one key component to them all: building deep relationships. I hate to say it, but there are a lot … Continue reading

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Real Estate Investing With Upside: Buying Small Properties With Big Potential – Part 1

I love real estate investing.  Pardon my pun, but there is something just so very REAL about it.  You can see it, touch it, feel it.  But, the best part for me is imagining what it COULD BE.  That’s why … Continue reading

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Buying Rental Property

Buying Rental Property Buying rental property is the best long term investment strategy that I see in the marketplace. What other asset class (compared to others such as stocks, commodities, bonds, other types of real estate like fix-and-flips) give you … Continue reading

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Can a Landlord Ask a Tenant to Leave Before Their Lease Ends?

I have had some real pieces of work in my places.  Some were just plain whacko, and I missed the warning signs early on.  Others showed their insanity over time and I had to deal with increasing levels of frustration. … Continue reading

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How to Buy a Foreclosed Home

We are continually asked how to buy a foreclosed home. What is interesting is that people mean different things by “a foreclosed home,” or they simply don’t understand that in today’s language a “foreclosure” can mean different things to different … Continue reading

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Property Investment

Property Investment: When you are making an investment in property, you must consider several factors: Exit Strategy: One of my business partners taught me the first thing to consider when looking at any property: what is the exit strategy for … Continue reading

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Recommendation for Landlords: Best Way to Advertise a Rental

I currently have two units up for rent.  And I have a few recommendations for landlords on advertising a rental unit.  First, let’s talk about my goals for a rental advertisement: Find quality tenant candidates Get the unit rented quickly … Continue reading

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Always Be Careful Looking At Vacant Investment Properties – You Never Know Who’s There

So, on Friday afternoon at 3:45pm I was starting to wrap things up for the day. My wife and kids were going to be home from school at 4, and we wanted to beat traffic as we were heading up … Continue reading

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Driving and Evaluating Real Estate Investment Properties – The Top 11 Things to Carry With You in The Field

When you head out to look at real estate investment properties – whether they are rental, fix-and-flip, wholesale, or other properties – it’s always good to be prepared to make the most of your time. Here’s a list of the … Continue reading

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Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties | Wholesale Bank Owned Properties

Wholesaling bank owned properties can be very profitable, very quickly if you have your wholesale systems in place. Like with all wholesales, you need three primary ingredients to do a “wholesale flip:” a great property under your control at a … Continue reading

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